A Slow Meander Through Life

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Current State of Affairs

The UK is gripped in terrorist fever at the moment. I live in Lincolnshire, and apart from two people being arrested at Grantham train station today, we basically live in the middle of nowhere and nothing much happens to us. This is a problem.

I was out last Thursday in Lincoln, in a pub called the Falcon. It's a good place: they sell trebles for singles so we always end up rather drunk. I was out with friends from Lincoln, and some new found friends from Spain. The night was going well, and took an amazing upward turn when I started chatting with a very attractive girl from Lincoln. She was 18 years old (yes, a little young...) but lovely. Possibly slightly lacking in intelligence but we were chatting away nicely.
She asked where all my friends were from (I was with the Spaniards at the time), and I explained. She then asked me: 'why do they all want to be here when all the pakis are trying to blow us up?'. I was gobsmacked.

I was disappointed with what I did next, as I simply explained to her that I totally disagreed with her and that the conversation would end there. I walked away and went and chatted with some of my other friends. I say disappointed because I felt a responsibilty afterwards: a responsibility to try and educate her, to make her understand; to explain that the suicide bombers weren't Pakistani but British; to explain that her racist language offended me because I have best friend who is Indian (and I love her dearly); to explain that everyone in the world must be treated as an individual.

Now I'm scared. There was an interview on the television with a Pakistani lawyer (I think) working in London. Everyday he takes the bus/tube combination to work. Everyday he wears a backpack to keep his lunch in. Now people move away from him. They look at him with a suspicious eye. It's just horrible.

I read various blogs, and was amused (in an odd way) by the final lines in this particular entry: London Death Squad. Sad but true.

I hope with all my heart that we can fix this. It scares me to think that suicide bombs happen so often in Iraq. It must be horrible.

My heart goes out to everyone that is affected by this, especially to the people who really live in terror in the world.

Day One

So here it is, day one. I've said it before, I'll say it again, but I'm going to do it.

I'm going to do things, achieve things, become a success!!!

I'm starting at 14st (not sure what that is in kilos), and I'm cancelling my O2 datacard. Action stations!!!

And I'm going to track weight loss down the right hand side of the blog.

Entertaining stuff.

I also plan to become more philosophical on the blog, which was the original plan anyway.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sort it out!

Life is going a little bit slowly at the moment. I think I may be enjoying if slightly more than I should be. By this I mean that I'm not working too much, but the honest truth is that I'm not enjoying it as much as I should be.

I need to sort out my working life, as I'm somewhat 'in debt' to my father (my boss) now. He pays me on a monthly basis, but I basically work freelance and just need to ensure that I bring in enough money to cover what I'm paid (and various expenses too). I'm about two months in debt at the moment, and I need to pull out my finger and do some work. I need a kick up the arse!

As for my love life, it's still totally non-existent. I think about Smaida a lot (my ex from Spain, a German girl), and about the fact that when we were good together, we were great. I miss her. She's due over in September and I can't wait. It's just for two days, but that's perfect. We'll eat out, drink out, do the tour of Lincoln and catch up.

The plan is simple - lose a stone before she arrives! I managed to drop from 15 stone to 14 which is great (that was the easy bit), but shifting a bit more could prove tricky. Lots of squash and football, me thinks.

I just find that the weekends are good, but sometimes you just want to chill out with someone you love, eat good food, drink wine, kiss, cuddle and be together.

I'm typing all sorts now, so I'll finish.


Monday, July 18, 2005

A Lesson Learnt

It's been a while since I've added anything to this blog, but today seems like an apt day to restart my posts.

I went to Sainsbury's today to do my shopping and, curious about the fact that I haven't seen VB recently (the girl at the fish counter), I asked the guy there if she was still about. He explained that she moved to Newcastle about 6 weeks ago.


Too little, too late.

Learn the lesson, Daniel!