A Slow Meander Through Life

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The New Bike

Due to demand from Fran, here's the new bike. This isn't actually mine, but it's the same.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Real Blogs

I ask you to look at this. It's quite a blog, and my very easy life feels even easier when I read it.

People shouldn't have to live with this in the 21st century.

Not Raining But Pouring

Well it's all happening. From doing nothing, I'm working back in London next week, it's family day this weekend, I'm staying at Poonam's in Leeds tomorrow night, I have a meeting with my dad (business stuff) on Friday, squash coaching at lunch today, and a meeting with a guy to try and fix his database this afternoon.
Not to mention the fact that Leeds' Festival is looming and Smaida (my ex from Spain but she's German) is coming over at the beginning of September. I can't wait for that, it will be fantastic to see her again. We're chatting loads on messenger and it's nice to be chatting the way would when we were in Spain.
For partygirl, no new woman at the supermarket, but someone down in London who I failed to ask out a million times (I can see a pattern emerging here).

My latest 'thing' is that I'm conciously eating less and less meat. I'm not sure what my reasoning is, but I'm looking at the possibility of cutting it out. When I used to dive in Spain, I wouldn't eat octopus because it's so beautiful when you see it. However, I would eat sardines, and when you see thousands of them swimming around you, that's beautiful too. I'm not sure if I want to eat such nice things. I'll keep you posted and let you know when I start to feel hungry...

On the subject of food, I've just opened a packet of pasta so I can have brunch (I'm playing squash in 2 hours). It's from Sainsbury's and has the resealable sticky tag on it. This, however, is pointless if the entire packet rips to pieces when you open it up. Sort it out guys.

Monday, August 01, 2005

A Measly Two Pounds

As you can see from the fitness campaign, it's a slow start. The plan this week, then, is to knock of 2 pounds (about 1 kg). By the end of the week I aim to be two bags of sugar lighter than now. Sounds a lot lighter to me! Fingers crossed then.

My weekend was entertaing with a mix of the usual. I ended up chatting on the internet 'til very late on Friday, but I drank 5 cans of lager by myself in the house. Not good - my dad would kill me if he knew. Drinking by yourself in the evening is not a good thing in his book, and I agree. However, those with whom I was chatting were drinking, so I wasn't entirely alone.

Saturday was very entertaining. I went out to see a band that Wayne's friend plays in. They are called Among the Missing and can be found here. Now, this isn't my type of music at all, but it was truly spectacular. I didn't understand a word that was sang (shouted/screamed etc.) but then when I spoke to the bass player afterwards (Wayne's friend) he said that he didn't know either. So I didn't feel so bad after that.
The whole thing was one huge spectacle, like a road accident that you had to watch, even if it wasn't your thing. Great fun.

I have some work at Homebase next week which is fantastic. Perhaps losing VB won't be so bad after all, as there is someone down there...