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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Billy Joel at the NEC Arena

Well folks, having declared last year that I would happily chop an arm off to see Billy Joel again, I managed it last night (but without losing an arm).

We bought the tickets a while ago, and having feared that they wouldn't be too good, we found ourselves in an excellent position at the side.  The floor seating wasn't tiered at all, so unless you were in the first few rows you were pretty knackered for a view.

The concert was, quite simply, amazing.  He did 20 songs in all with no warm up act (they're for wimps).  He played lots of album tracks that weren't necessarily hits which was fantastic, and I found myself singing along to everything.  I was sat next to my aunty who loves him too, so we were both very happy.  For 58 years old he looks good, plays the piano as fast as he ever did and hit all the notes no Innocent Man.  Very impressive.

He finished it prefectly, performing Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (it was out of this world) and then ending, as always, on Piano Man.  The whole arena knows that it's the last one, and it's an odd feeling.  We sounded great as everyone blasted out the last chorus.

My only complaint was the all the people who were unable to stay seated for more than 15 minutes at a time.  Haven't you learnt bladder control???

I've been torn over buying a ticket for Sheffield, but the truth is that last night was so perfect that I don't want to risk ruining that memory.

If anyone that knows Billy should come across this, then let him know that he's always welcome in Lincoln and I'll be happy to do the tour!

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