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Monday, September 04, 2006


It's unusual for me to read news of the death of someone famous and be rocked by it, but it has happened this morning.

Follow the link for the story: it's truly tragic.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Big Smoke

I spent the weekend in London, catching up with Richard and Chris.  It was fantastic fun, including a trip to Urban Golf to play some indoor golf.  I do enjoy going to London; there's just so much to do and the truth is that it isn't that expensive to go out.  I even started thinking that I should move down there to experience life in the capital.

I did start planning my next trip to Australia which I want to happen in April.  I need to see my cousin in Perth, and the plan is to take a flight to somewhere like Adelaide and then hire a bike to blast round to Sydney and up to Byron Bay for the Blues and Roots Festival.  After that I want to fly out to Manilla to catch up with Jehan and finally say hello properly!

It's all tentative, but it's not too far away so I need to make some plans!

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oz Part 2 - Byron Bay

Thought I'd better catch up after Part 1!

Apart from being delayed, the flight up to Byron was pretty uneventful. The time at the airport also gave me a chance to buy some board shorts and two Billabong t-shirts; I figured that I needed to look the part!

After a short transfer from the tiny airport, we arrived at Aquarius Backpackers. Byron Bay is a strange place. I couldn't really tell you how big it is, how many people lived there or where there was a supermarket.

The main plan for the day was a meal out at Dish, a restaurant that Sue had recommended. I know now that any restaurant recommended by Sue is a safe bet, but at the time I had no idea, so it was a case of wait and see. We were not disappointed. The place was beautiful: really chilled out with big white settees and very nice decorations. The food was even better. Tragically I can't quite remember what I ate (can you remember Sue?), but I remember that every part of the meal was just fantastic. The bill was as long as a very long thing, but it was worth every penny that we paid.

Unfortunately this is where my memory becomes poor, but only in terms of timings over the next couple of days!

It was now Monday and one of the last days of the Annual East Coast Blues and Roots Festival in Byron. We headed up there reasonably early and checked out the acts that were playing. I saw two things that simply blew me away: Eddie Reader playing 'Patience of Angels' and Jackson Browne playing 'Take It Easy'. I hadn't realised that he co-wrote it with Glenn Frey, and Chris didn't realise that I know all the worlds! It was wonderful to see. We stayed at the concert for a goodly while, and then headed back to town. This is where I'm a little fuzzy, because on one evening we went to Cheeky Monkeys, but I can't remember which! I do remember dancing on the tables with Sue for ages and ages though, as they have loads of tables that you are allowed to dance on. It was fantastic fun, but very sweaty. We also had drinks at the backpackers on one occasion.

On the last day Sue headed off gliding (as you do), and Mike and I went diving at the Julian Rocks with Sundive. It was a fantastic dive as it was my first one in ages, and I was able to use my new dive computer for the first time. It was quite a dive; just launching the boat was a challenge as they have to drive it out through the very shallow waves before they can head out. I was amazed during the dive to see sharks (they're not often spotted on the south coast of Spain) and the place was full of life. The guide who took us out had been diving there for the last 15 years or something crazy, so we were in very safe hands.

I vaguely recall the afternoon being spent on the beach and in the sea, and then we found a restaurant to eat in for the evening. Where we drank after that I'm not sure (not because I was very drunk, I can assure you!).

The following morning (now Wednesday) we were picked up and driven to Coolangatta airport where we picked up a Toyota people carrier and managed to squeeze 7 people plus luggage in it! From there we sped our way up the coast to Gladstone, a mere 9 hours away. We paused halfway for a meal at a Red Rooster (sorry Caitlain, but it wasn't that great) and then charged on. Tim and Mike did a sterling job driving. Apart from stopping in a very random place for toilet stops, and not seeing any kangaroos, it was a pretty good journey. The music kept coming and was still good when they had to switch my iPod.

We arrived in Gladstone late, went to the drive-through off-licence and headed to our accomodation.

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Billy Joel at the NEC Arena

Well folks, having declared last year that I would happily chop an arm off to see Billy Joel again, I managed it last night (but without losing an arm).

We bought the tickets a while ago, and having feared that they wouldn't be too good, we found ourselves in an excellent position at the side.  The floor seating wasn't tiered at all, so unless you were in the first few rows you were pretty knackered for a view.

The concert was, quite simply, amazing.  He did 20 songs in all with no warm up act (they're for wimps).  He played lots of album tracks that weren't necessarily hits which was fantastic, and I found myself singing along to everything.  I was sat next to my aunty who loves him too, so we were both very happy.  For 58 years old he looks good, plays the piano as fast as he ever did and hit all the notes no Innocent Man.  Very impressive.

He finished it prefectly, performing Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (it was out of this world) and then ending, as always, on Piano Man.  The whole arena knows that it's the last one, and it's an odd feeling.  We sounded great as everyone blasted out the last chorus.

My only complaint was the all the people who were unable to stay seated for more than 15 minutes at a time.  Haven't you learnt bladder control???

I've been torn over buying a ticket for Sheffield, but the truth is that last night was so perfect that I don't want to risk ruining that memory.

If anyone that knows Billy should come across this, then let him know that he's always welcome in Lincoln and I'll be happy to do the tour!

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Rubik's Robot and Toll-Tastic Roads

TechEBlog » Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

I've been using Digg loads recently, which is why I keep finding stuff like this.  From someone who couldn't solve a Rubik's Cube as a child (nor indeed now), I found this quite impressive.

I've just been down to the toll road again to do some work, but today I took the bike as the car sounds a little sick (it's booked in tomorrow).  For £1.50 (£2.50 if you go through the main tolls) it really is the best value for money a motorcyclist can find.  It isn't just the fact that the road is super smooth and devoid of police cars, but the slip roads are awesome; it's serious grin-factor stuff.

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It must be a morning for YouTube - look at this!!!


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I came across this on Digg - if you've seen the Sony advert it's rather amusing!


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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oh My Miss Lincolnshire!!!

Meet the new Miss Lincolnshire

Check out the link!!!  Sammie wins Miss Lincolnshire!!!  This is totally fantastic!!!

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Have We Won?

Based upon the music played post-match in the Lion and Snake pub this evening, you would have thought that we had won the world cup.  Songs such as Jerusalem, the National Anthem, that song by the Three Tenors and other such rubbish was played after the England-Sweden match this evening.  I actually left and stood outside whilst my friends finished their drinks as I was so disgusted.  I shall boycott the Lion and Snake for the remainder of the world cup.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Miss Lincolnshire Winner!

If my information is correct, then the voting for Miss Lincolnshire has now closed, and if the graphic is anything to go by on the www.missengland.info website, the winner is Rachel Wilson, closely (and I mean closely) followed by my choice, Sammie Parker.  There were 14 votes separating them in the end; did I help Sammie claw it back?

I'm afraid, Richard and Huw, that Katy finished with just 40 votes.  This does seem sadly low, but that's the rock and roll world of Miss County competitions.

I've heard no further information on the impending legal action, but I must say that it was rather exciting at the time.

So, commiserations to Sammie who staged an excellent fight at the end, and congratulations to Rachel for winning it.  I look forward to supporting a worthwhile cause again next year.

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Skeg Vegas!

On Friday night I went to Skegness with some friends to watch Jimmy Carr live in concert.  He was awesome; there are few people who can make even the worst of subjects funny.  However, what surprised me most about the evening was that Skegness wasn't that bad a place to go out in.  The bars are open so late that it doesn't matter what you do; there is always somewhere open.

We then spent Saturday in Skegness wondering around and enjoying the sunshine which was lovely.  I still wouldn't recommend that you go, but it was surprisingly ok.

Saturday evening was spent at the Pyewipe pub on the edge of Lincoln.  We sat by the canal drinking wine and chatting, and it couldn't have been more pleasant.  The sunshine is worth its weight in gold!

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USB Teddy Bear

USB teddy bear holds data, scares children

I came across this on Engadget.  It's just funny!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And a little something to scare the children with...

Classical Blair?

Tony Blair

This photo of Tony on the BBC website seems to have him looking slighly grey.  Any reason why?

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Google Rankings

It would appear that if you type Miss Lincolnshire into Google, my blog appears quite near the top; hence the bother with the comments at the end of the post. Ironic considering there are only about 10 people who actually read what I write on a regular basis (and I love you all).

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