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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Big Smoke

I spent the weekend in London, catching up with Richard and Chris.  It was fantastic fun, including a trip to Urban Golf to play some indoor golf.  I do enjoy going to London; there's just so much to do and the truth is that it isn't that expensive to go out.  I even started thinking that I should move down there to experience life in the capital.

I did start planning my next trip to Australia which I want to happen in April.  I need to see my cousin in Perth, and the plan is to take a flight to somewhere like Adelaide and then hire a bike to blast round to Sydney and up to Byron Bay for the Blues and Roots Festival.  After that I want to fly out to Manilla to catch up with Jehan and finally say hello properly!

It's all tentative, but it's not too far away so I need to make some plans!

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