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Monday, September 04, 2006


It's unusual for me to read news of the death of someone famous and be rocked by it, but it has happened this morning.

Follow the link for the story: it's truly tragic.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Big Smoke

I spent the weekend in London, catching up with Richard and Chris.  It was fantastic fun, including a trip to Urban Golf to play some indoor golf.  I do enjoy going to London; there's just so much to do and the truth is that it isn't that expensive to go out.  I even started thinking that I should move down there to experience life in the capital.

I did start planning my next trip to Australia which I want to happen in April.  I need to see my cousin in Perth, and the plan is to take a flight to somewhere like Adelaide and then hire a bike to blast round to Sydney and up to Byron Bay for the Blues and Roots Festival.  After that I want to fly out to Manilla to catch up with Jehan and finally say hello properly!

It's all tentative, but it's not too far away so I need to make some plans!

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