A Slow Meander Through Life

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Women, Bars and Football

I've just returned from watching Grimsby Town beat Tottenham Hotspurs in the second round of the Carling Cup. For those who don't know the significance, let's call Grimsby 'David' and Tottenham 'Goliath'. Possibly the finest victory that the club will experience in a long time, and I was there to see it. There was even a pitch inva
sion at the end, and whilst I didn't take part in that, we did walk across the pitch for an easier exit. For the gardeners amongst you that is some of the finest grass that I have ever seen. It was gorgeous!

I'm looking at buying a bar. Well, to be precise, leasing a premises and turning it into a bar. I've found a place, I have a dream. Now all I need to know is how on earth do I go about doing this? I haven't a clue! I know I need about £50k, so if anyone is feeling generous then let me know.

As for women... I changed my match.com profile recently (nothing significant, I felt) and now I seem to be receiving some interest. This is fantastic! A good reason for being healthy (yeah yeah).

The motorbike continues to be awesome - I when up the Cat and Fiddle on Monday. Then down it, then up it again. Happy days! The road is fantastic. I need to buy a new rear tyre though, and they aren't cheap. Boo...

So I need more plans if the bar thing is going to happen. I need to make money, save money, become more independent, have balls, leap out on my own, work hard, dedicate my life to something I love...


Sounds good!